Great Bridge Group Credit Card Research Company $240 Per Year Plus $5 Referral Rewards

The Great Bridge Group is a credit card research company that pays you up to $240 per year to provide them with access to your card transactions, plus both new and current members can earn $5 through the Great Bridge Group referral program.

In order to earn the $5 referral bonus when you join or the $240 per year for participating, you must provide Great Bridge Group with access to your credit card account login credentials, so you may not feel comfortable with doing that for this promotion.

However, they supposedly use Yodlee, a trusted back-end for over 600 financial institutions with 256-bit SSL encryption, to manage your credentials, so at least in theory, your information should be kept anonymous and protected.

You can earn up to $240 per year for participating and get $5 per referral, plus every person who you refer gets a $5 bonus as well, so everybody wins.

Payments are made via Gift Cards or PayPal, and you can also elect to give your earnings to a tax-deductible charity.

$5 Great Bridge Group Referral Bonus

Both current and new members will earn a $5 bonus through the Great Bridge Group referral program when the new member joins and adds at least 1 card.

New members can join through this $5 Great Bridge Group Referral Link that was provided to us by a reader, and you will earn a $5 bonus when you open a free account and add your first card.

When joining Great Bridge Group, you must first provide your ZIP code to see if invitations are available in your area, but supposedly when you sign up through a referral link, your acceptance is guaranteed.

If you are made a full member, then both you and your referrer will receive an extra $5 bonus.

The $5 bonus will be paid out once the referred individual has been a member for 90 days.

Basically, they pay every 90 days via PayPal or Amazon gift card, so you will get the bonus as long as you remain a member for that 90-day period.

There is no limit on the referral bonus earnings that you can receive once you become a member.

Up to $240 Per Year in Earnings

You can earn cash dividends on all qualified transactions linked to your Great Bridge account.

They don’t specifically indicate how much you earn per transaction, but it was previously 1% cash back when they first started, although that may have changed now.

The payments are available on every debit and credit card in your wallet and at all of the places you shop.

You can earn up to $60 in dividends for each 90-day payout period for up to $240 per year.

The additional payments that you earn from invites and surveys are not subject to the $60 cash-back maximum on qualified transactions.

Consider connecting your Credit Cards with Great Bridge Group to earn up to $240 per year.

Have you tried Great Bridge Group? Please feel free to post about your experiences in the comments section below this article.


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