LivingSocial Me+3 Product Referral Promotion for Free Deals

The LivingSocial Me+3 promotion offers you deals for free when you buy first, and then share the deal with 3 of your friends.

LivingSocial is a daily deal site that offers you incredible savings on a variety of merchandise, restaurants, travel, and experiences.

To get a deal for free with LivingSocial Me+3, you must purchase the deal first, and then you must share your special referral link that is provided after you make your purchase.

If 3 of your friends buy the same deal using your personalized URL, then your deal is free.

How LivingSocial Me+3 Works

1. To start, log in to your LivingSocial account.

2. Click “Buy Now” on the deal that you want to purchase.

3. Wait for your payment to process (this may take a few minutes).

4. On the “Want it For Free?” page, you can copy and paste your personalized URL and share the offer through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

You’ll get the deal for free when 3 of your friends buy it too.

Learn more about the LivingSocial Me+3 Program for additional details.

Purchasing 3 deals yourself will not give you an additional deal free, and the number of deals purchased by each friend that you refer does not increase your chances of receiving a free deal.

Unfortunately, the original 5 Deal Bucks LivingSocial Referral Program has been canceled, so there is no longer a refer a friend promotion besides the Me+3 program.

However, you can still share your LivingSocial deals and get them for free when 3 of your friends purchase the same deal.

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