Student Advantage Discount Card $25 Referral Program Reward Plus $10 New Customer Bonus

The Student Advantage Refer A Friend program allows anyone to earn up to a $25 gift card bonus when you refer a new customer who signs up for the Student Advantage Discount Card.

Plus, new Student Advantage Discount Card members can earn $10 cash back for signing up through a referral link.

You do not need to have a Student Advantage Discount Card to participate in the referral program, as anyone can register and start referring your friends.

Just refer your friends to Student Advantage, and when your referral orders a Student Advantage Discount Card, you will get paid up to $25 in gift cards, and they will get paid $10, just as long as your referral remains a cardholder beyond the 30-day refund period.

About Student Advantage Discount Card

The Student Advantage Discount Card allows qualified students and educators to receive special savings at a wide variety of popular merchants, restaurants, and service providers.

$10 New Student Advantage Customer Bonus Referral Link

If you are a new Student Advantage customer, you can sign up for your card through this $10 Student Advantage Bonus Referral Link to get $10 cash back when you remain a cardholder for more than 30 days.

Student Advantage Card Eligibility

Members of the academic community (part-time and full-time students, undergraduates and graduates, international students visiting, studying or working in the U.S., staff, full-time and part-time faculty, and administrators) who are 16 years old or older are eligible to purchase the card. If you are under 18 years old, you must receive consent from your parent or guardian to be eligible.

Student Advantage Card Pricing

For U.S. residents, the 1-year card is $20 plus $2.50 for shipping, the 2-year card is $30 plus $2.50 shipping, the 3-year card is $40 plus $2.50 shipping, and the 4-year card is $50 plus $2.50 shipping.

Student Advantage Referral Program

Anyone can participate in the Student Advantage Referral Program, whether you are a current card member or not, and regardless of whether you are a student or meet the qualifications to join Student Advantage yourself.

You can choose to receive a $25 gift certificate to for each individual referred to Student Advantage.

Alternatively, you can choose to receive a $10 reward to iTunes, Paypal,,, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Fandango, or Wal-Mart for each 2 individuals referred to Student Advantage.

Successful referrals must complete the Student Advantage enrollment process, be billed for a membership period of 1 year or greater, and not cancel the account in the first 30 days after successful billing.

Alternative $10 Student Advantage First Purchase Promotion

There is a special Student Advantage $10 Discount Offer going on right now that is available to any new members.

Just sign up for the Student Advantage card to get $10 back on your first purchase of $10 or more using your card.

This rebate is only valid on purchases of $10 or more made with a national discount partner within 30 days of your initial card purchase.

You do not need to participate in the referral program to earn this $10 new member discount.

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Please feel free to exchange Student Advantage referrals in the comments section below this article.

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