Wolf Merrick Animal Hospital $20 New Patient Referral Program Discount in Kenosha, Wisconsin

The Wolf Merrick Animal Hospital in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is offering a new patient referral program for discounts off veterinary services.

Current Wolf Merrick clients can get a $20 discount off your next visit when you refer a new client to Wolf Merrick.

Plus, new clients can get a $46 Wolf Merrick Discount Coupon off your first visit, including patient physical exam.

Wolf Merrick Referral Program Details

Wolf Merrick will send you a coupon for $20 off your next visit when you refer a new patient.

Your referral must provide your full name during their first visit and indicate that you are referring them to Wolf Merrick.

Alternatively, you can provide your referrals with one of the special referral cards that are available at Wolf Merrick locations.

You can just write your name on the back of the referral card and have your friend present the card upon their first visit.

$46 Wolf Merrick New Customer Discount

This new customer discount is not related to the referral program, but new customers can still take advantage of the coupon discount while also being referred by a current customer, so that friends can share this promotion together.

The $46 discount is good toward your first visit including your pet’s physical exam.

Share Wolf Merrick Referrals

You could easily split the referral bonus with new customers who agree to mention your name as their referral.

Since you will receive a $20 discount off your veterinary services, you could simply offer your friends $10 cash to use your referral, plus they’ll get the $46 new customer discount, so everybody will win.

Please feel free to post your contact information in the comments section below this article if you would like to share referrals with other Wolf Merrick customers.

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Wolf Merrick provides friendly services for cats and dogs in Kenosha, Wisconsin, plus you can get new customer discounts and referral rewards.

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