Dwolla Referral Program Offers $10 in Bonus Credits for Both Members

The Dwolla money payment service is offering $10 in bonus transaction fee credits to both new and current members through the Dwolla referral program.

Dwolla makes is easy to move money between friends, businesses, and nonprofits, as you can send, receive, and request money through email, your phone, or social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

When current Dwolla members refer a new member to open a Dwolla account, you’ll both get $10 in waived transaction fee credits.

Dwolla money transfers of $10 or less are free, and transactions over $10 only have a $0.25 fee per transaction, so each $10 referral credit is enough for 40 free transactions with the low 25 cent transfer fee.

Dwolla $10 New Account Sign-Up Bonus

Sign up for a new account through this Dwolla $10 Referral Link to earn $10 in transaction fee credits when you complete your registration.

You must complete your Dwolla registration to earn the $10 in bonus credits, but no purchase or money transfer is necessary to earn the reward.

Get $10 in transaction fee credits on your new Dwolla account when you register today.

Dwolla Referral Program

Dwolla offers a $10 credit toward transaction fees for both the new and current members through their referral program.

You can access the Dwolla Referral Program directly at this link, or you can access it through your Dwolla account once you have registered.

Referrals must be new Dwolla customers, legal residents of the U.S., and at least 18 years old.

There is no limit to how many people you can refer.

You’ll get your credits within 24 hours of when your referrals sign up for Dwolla.

The $10 credits will expire 1 year from being issued.

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Participate in the Dwolla referral program to earn $10 credits toward your transaction fees.

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