Rixty Account 5% Funding Bonus on $100 or More with Green Dot MoneyPak

Rixty is offering a 5% bonus when you load $100 or more to your Rixty account with Green Dot MoneyPak, plus you’ll get a $4.95 instant rebate to cover your MoneyPak fee.

Rixty is an online payment service that allows people without credit cards to buy virtual goods at over 1,000 of the most popular online games, MMOs, social networks, and digital content sites.

You’ll receive an instant $4.95 rebate on all MoneyPak deposits and a 5% bonus with deposits of $100 or more.

Check out this Rixty MoneyPak Payment Promotion to earn a 5% bonus on deposits of $100 or more.

This is a good deal if you regularly make purchases from MMOs like Perfect World, AdventureQuest, and Dragon Fable; kids’ games like Roblox and Tinier Me; virtual worlds like NFLRush Zone; PC & Mac downloads; mobile games and ringtones; and more.

How To Earn Rixty MoneyPak 5% Funding Bonus Plus $4.95 Instant Rebate

1. Just visit participating retailers to purchase a MoneyPak.

2. Load the MoneyPak with cash from $20 to $500 and pay the $4.95 retail service fee.

3. Redeem the MoneyPak Number at www.rixty.com or during a purchase inside your game.

4. Your Rixty account will be credited with the load amount, plus a $4.95 instant rebate of the retail service fee.

5. You’ll also receive a 5% bonus with deposits of $100 or more.

Take advantage of this Rixty 5% funding bonus when you load $100 or more from a Green Dot MoneyPak, plus get a $4.95 rebate to eliminate your MoneyPak fee.

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Load your Rixty account with MoneyPak to earn a 5% bonus.

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