Vehicle Loans Let You Buy New and Used Cars like a Cash Buyer offers easy access to vehicle loans including new and used purchase loans, private party purchase loans, auto loan refinancing, and lease buyouts.

RoadLoans makes getting a vehicle loan easy by providing you with a RoadLoansCheck that allows you to purchase your vehicle like a cash buyer.

The loan application process lets you apply online for an auto loan in just minutes and receive access to your loan funds by as soon as the next day. can save you money over dealer financing, and since you won’t have to worry about obtaining an auto loan from your dealer, you’ll be able to negotiate the price you want just like a cash buyer, plus you can even purchase a vehicle from online car retailers or your next door neighbor.

RoadLoans offers vehicle loans for customers with excellent credit as well as those with less than perfect credit, so anyone can qualify for an auto loan, regardless of your credit history.

New and Used Purchase Loans offers new and used purchase loans for vehicle purchases from any franchised dealer in your state, but not independent dealers.

A franchise dealership is a car dealer authorized by a manufacturer to sell new and used vehicles, which usually represents one or more automobile manufacturers.

Vehicle purchase loans can also be used for online auto retail outlets like CarMax, Hertz, and Enterprise as well as some other used car superstores.

Auto loans are available for vehicles that cost more than $7,500 ($10,000 in some states), and they must be 2002 model vehicles or newer with less than 70,000 miles.

RoadLoans offers loans for any new or used car or truck including passenger vans, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles, but not for motorcycles, one-ton trucks, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, conversion vans, customized vehicles, boats, or personal watercraft, and the vehicle cannot have a salvage title.

When you are approved for an auto purchase loan, you will receive your RoadLoansCheck that can be used at the dealership to pay like a cash buyer.

Vehicle Loan Refinancing helps you refinance your current loan to lower the interest rate and/or lengthen the term of your loan to spread out your payments, plus you may also be able to skip a payment when you refinance.

In order to qualify for RoadLoans refinancing, you must currently have a car loan with more than 2 years before the end of your current loan term.

Loan refinancing is also restricted to 2002 model vehicles or newer with less than 70,000 miles.

Private Party Auto Purchase Loans provides person-to-person auto loans for any vehicle that is for sale by owner or being sold by a private party.

RoadLoans gives you the flexibility to purchase a vehicle from an individual who currently has vehicle financing or from an individual who owns their vehicle outright, but the seller must be the registered owner of the vehicle.

The private party purchase loan process doesn’t use the RoadLoansCheck and takes slightly longer than receiving a loan for a dealer purchase.

Person-to-person auto loans can be used for 2002 model vehicles or newer with less than 70,000 miles. is unable to provide loans to purchase vehicles from a spouse or domestic partner, an individual who is residing at the same address as you, or from an individual that is leasing their vehicle or where the title is held in trust.

Lease Buyout Loans can provide you with a loan to buyout your lease at the end of your lease term.

RoadLoans pays the remaining balance to your leasing company, and you pay RoadLoans a monthly payment on a loan.

In order to qualify for a lease buyout, you must currently have a car lease and be near the end of your lease, and lease buyouts are only available for 2002 model vehicles or newer with less than 70,000 miles.

RoadLoans Application Process

The online loan application form only takes a few minutes to complete, and there are no fees to apply or fund the loan and no down payments.

You will receive a loan decision via email usually within 1 hour during normal business hours and not more than 24 hours, and your loan decision email will contain the amount and terms of your loan if you are approved.

There is no obligation to accept your loan offer, and your loan approval will be good for 30 days, so you have plenty of time to find the car or truck at the price you want.

The online application form is absolutely secure and if your loan is approved, a RoadLoans Loan Specialist will contact you to explain the terms of your loan approval and discuss any required documents that you might need.

RoadLoans will overnight a RoadLoansCheck package to you at no cost, which contains all the documents you need to complete the transaction, including simple instructions for you and the dealer to follow, or RoadLoans can help you find a dealer in your area and you can go there directly.

You then complete the RoadLoansCheck like a personal check, which can be made payable for up to the maximum amount of your approval, to any franchised dealership within your state of residence.

Your RoadLoansCheck is just like cash to the dealer, and RoadLoans will help you and the dealer finalize the transaction if there are any questions.

RoadLoans Terms

RoadLoans always provides you with the longest loan term possible, which results in the lowest monthly payments.

You are free to increase your monthly payments if you’d like to pay your loan back sooner, as RoadLoans offers simple interest loans with no penalties for early payment, and any extra payment applies to the principal.

The interest rate you receive and the amount of money you can borrow will be based on your qualifications, and RoadLoans will inform you if you don’t qualify for the amount you applied for, at which time you can choose to accept a loan offer for a lower amount.

However, the actual amount of your loan will be equal to the amount of the RoadLoansCheck you write, and you are under no obligation to use the full loan amount.


The RoadLoansCheck is just like a bank check or personal check, and it’s just like cash to a dealer.

The RoadLoansCheck is your loan draft from RoadLoans, and when you complete your transaction with the dealer, you fill out and sign the check draft just like a normal check.

You are under no obligation to ever use your RoadLoansCheck, and if you decide not to use your loan, you can simply tear up your RoadLoansCheck and discard it without any penalties.

Your RoadLoansCheck will be valid for 30 days with the terms and rates of your loan offer, at which time you will need to reapply for another vehicle loan, unless you contact RoadLoans before your expiration date to request an extension on your loan offer.

You can complete your RoadLoansCheck for any amount over $7,500 and less than your approved loan amount.

The RoadLoansCheck is like having cash in your pocket, and it gives you the benefit of being able to negotiate a better price with car dealers.

RoadLoans Insurance and Warranties

Ask your Loan Specialist about RoadLoans GAP insurance and Vehicle Warranty products, as they may be able to save you money over the same services from a dealership.

RoadLoans currently cannot offer loans to residents of Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana and Tennessee. also offers car buyer resources such as payment calculators as well as customer service representatives that are available at any time to help you with the process of getting an auto loan and purchasing a vehicle.

RoadLoans makes getting a vehicle loan easy and gives you the cash loan you need to purchase the vehicle you want at the best price.

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