Trans-Fast Worldwide Money Transfer $25 Instant Credit

The Trans-Fast worldwide money transfer service is offering new customers a free $25 instant credit with your first transfer through December 31, 2014.

Just sign up for Trans-Fast and send money anywhere in the world to receive a $25 instant credit.

To qualify for $25 instant credit, you must be a new customer to, and your transaction must be funded from a bank account and transferred into a recipient bank account.

The $25 instant credit offer is not valid for the following types of transactions: credit or debit card funded transactions, cash pick-up transactions, and cash delivery transactions.

There is a limit of 1 $25 instant credit per customer.

How To Get Your $25 Trans-Fast Bonus

Just sign up for Trans-Fast and make your first money transfer to anywhere in the world to receive your free $25 instant credit.

If you take advantage of this Trans-Fast $25 Bonus Offer by sending money to India, there is no fee when you send more than $1,000 and pay with your U.S. bank account, but otherwise, fees for sending money to India start at $2.99.

You can also view this bonus on the Mexico Money Transfer Page, with fees starting at $4.99 for money transfers to Mexico.

You can qualify for this $25 bonus when you make your first money transfer to anywhere in the world, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be for transfers to India or Mexico, but the promotion just shows on those pages.

Trans-Fast $20 Refer A Friend Reward

Trans-Fast customers can get a $20 reward for each new customer that you refer when they send their first transfer.

The Trans-Fast Referral Program is coming soon, but it is not yet available at this time (as of 4/30/2014).

However, it looks like a good way to earn some extra cash once you become a Trans-Fast customer, although I’m not sure at this time if there will also be an incentive provided for new customers to join through your referral link.

You can check out this Ria Money Transfer Referral Bonus in the mean time to get a $10 Amazon Gift Card with your first money transfer and for new customer referrals.

Take advantage of this instant $25 free credit offer from Trans-Fast when you send money to anywhere in the world.


  1. Julia says

    It looks like the only countries I can send money to in order to get $25 sign up bonus are: Mexico, Philippines, India, Senegal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria. I was hoping to send money to my friends and relatives in USA, but that option is not available. And because I don’t have anyone living in the mentioned countries above, I was unable to receive a $25 bonus.

    • TRANSFAST says

      Julia – We are pleased to announce that we have launched a number of new markets at Including intra-US. So, if you are a US resident, you can use our service as you wanted. And, as a followup, the $25 new enrollment bonus has expired. Have a great day

  2. says

    TransFast just sent me this code via Twitter for free transfers to India:

    “Hey, we have a new coupon code when sending money to india: INDFREE – give your 100% off the fee. would be great if you could post it!”

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