Free $25 Zidisha Loan for Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries

Join Zidisha today and give a free $25 loan to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Plus, participate in the Zidisha referral program to give a free $25 invite credit to your friends and get a $25 matching credit in your own lending account.

About Zidisha

Zidisha Nonprofit Peer Lending Entrepreneurs

Zidisha is an online community that enables direct Person-to-Person Lending to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Borrowers post loan requests to help fund their businesses.

Lenders can select a loan and bid to provide all or part of the funding.

Lenders can propose their own interest rates for the loan they would like to offer.

100% of the loan is disbursed to the borrower, and lenders and borrowers can communicate throughout the loan process.

Loans are repaid in regular installments and can be reinvested immediately or withdrawn ($25 invite credit can not be withdrawn).

How To Give Free $25 Loan on Zidisha

Just visit this Zidisha $25 Invite Link that was provided by a reader to receive $25 in free lending credit.

To redeem the $25 credit, you just need to create a free Zidisha account.

You’ll instantly receive the $25 credit, and then you simply choose an entrepreneur and click Lend.

You can make 1 or more loans up to a maximum value of $25 at 0% interest with the invite credit.

The $25 invite credit will be applied to your chosen loans in the Lending Cart.

Invite credits may only be used to make loans, and they may not be withdrawn or used for gift cards.

Repayments of loans made using invite credits will be credited back to the account of the donor who funded the invite credit program.

So you’ll never actually get the $25, but you can help out an entrepreneur with a $25 loan, and there are a lot of people with good causes from which to choose.

Zidisha Referral Program for $25 Matching Credits

Once you join Zidisha, you can participate in their referral program to give a free $25 invite credit to your friends, plus get a $25 matching credit for yourself.

Any Zidisha lender may send complimentary lending credits to new lenders.

You may send as many invites and lending credits as you like using your unique invite link and via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Once your invitee makes a loan, you will receive a $25 matching credit in your own lending account.

The $25 matching credit may only be used toward loans, so you have to lend the referral credits as well.

Only lending proceeds and actual cash deposits can be withdrawn.

You can review more details about the Zidisha Referral Program for additional information.

This is an easy opportunity to send a $25 loan to the entrepreneur of your choice.

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