Chase Exclusives 1% Mortgage Cash Back Bonus Offer for Chase Home Mortgages

The Chase Exclusives 1% Mortgage Cash Back promotion offers you an annual 1% cash back bonus on your monthly principal and interest payments when you sign up for automatic payments on a new Chase Mortgage.

This Chase Exclusives Mortgage bonus gives you the option of having the 1% rebate deposited into your Chase checking account or applied as a payment against your mortgage principal.

Check out this Chase Mortgage Cash Back Offer for more details on how to get a 1% cash rebate on your home loan principal and interest payments each year.

Here’s How the Chase Mortgage Offer Works

1. Open a new Chase Mortgage or Refinance Your Mortgage with Chase.

2. Enroll in 1% Mortgage Cash Back and choose how you want to receive your rewards, either as 1% cash back deposited into your checking account or as 1% cash back applied to your loan principal.

3. Set up Automatic Mortgage Payments from your current or new Chase personal checking account for free.

4. Each loan anniversary, you’ll receive your 1% cash back reward.

It’s that easy to get 1% cash back when you apply for a Chase home mortgage loan.

Chase Mortgage Cash Back Details

The 1% Mortgage Cash Back program is available in AZ, CA, CO, CT, GA, IL, KY, NJ, NY, NV, OH, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA, WV, and WI. It’s also available in FL, ID, IN, LA, and MI, however, certain geographic restrictions apply in these areas.

This offer is available on a new Chase first mortgage purchase or refinance application.

1% of 1 month’s scheduled monthly principal and interest (P&I) payment of the new mortgage will be calculated and totaled over a 12-month period.

The 1% calculation applies to scheduled principal and interest payments only and does not apply to additional principal payments made by borrower or to payments for escrowed items such as taxes and insurance.

The first and last year’s anniversary calculation will be based on the number of monthly payments in that year. All other subsequent annual awards will be calculated and totaled over the prior 12-month period.

At the discretion of the borrower at enrollment, the sum will be awarded via direct deposit into a Chase checking account or applied to the outstanding principal balance on or about each anniversary date of the loan origination.

A new or existing Chase personal checking account is required along with enrollment in Chase’s automatic mortgage payment service at the time of closing, where the mortgage payment will be automatically deducted from the Chase checking account.

Verification of the active checking account will occur prior to issuance of the annual award.

The offer may be nullified, and no payment will be made for the 12-month period involved and thereafter, upon any of the following: (a) cancellation of automatic mortgage payments or the Chase checking account, whether by you or by Chase as described in your automatic mortgage payment or Chase checking account agreement, (b) any monthly payment not received within 45 days of the payment due date, or (c) any payoff of a mortgage included in the 1% Mortgage Cash Back program other than a Chase to Chase refinance.

This offer may not be combined with any other offer or program and is not transferable.

The offer is limited to 1 per borrower.

Bond loans and any other loans where servicing is not retained by Chase are excluded.

There is a $500 calendar year cap on the principal reduction and cash back amount, including any anniversary award payouts and accrued rewards on a Chase to Chase refinance paid out in the same calendar year.

The program may be discontinued at any time without notice, so take advantage of this 1% cash back mortgage rebate from Chase Bank.

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Sign up for the Chase Exclusives 1% Mortgage Cash Back bonus offer to get a 1% cash rebate on your annual loan payments with a Chase Mortgage.


  1. Jean Mejeras says

    Dear Sir, I’ve had a mortgage with Chase for ten years. My balance is only $23,000. Would it be wise for me to re-finance? My name is no longer Jean Mejeras, it is now Jean Rohrer.

  2. Roger Nunn says

    Candidly, as a current Chase customer, I can tell you from personal experience, Chase will do everything it can not to refinance your current mortgage IF YOU TAKE MY AVDICE don’t waste your time with them apply to ANY OTHER major mortgage company.

    In my case my credit score are almost 800, we’ve never missed or been late on a payment in over 9 years on the property, and the current loan/equity value based on the appraisal Chase completed on the property is 40%, the monthly payment on the mortgage represents less than 6% of my monthly income as an employee.

    So guess what case has sold the existing loan, and are collecting over 5.75% on the note, so don’t want me to pay of the current note and refinance at approx 4.5%.. They keep giving ridiculous answers like “underwriting standards” – explain that given the FACTS above.

    Take my advice Chase will manipulate your scenario to ensure you cannot refinance. So refinance with anyone else you like the rates of..

    Please feel free to repost this comment in it’s entirety on any appropriate site discussing Chase Mortgage and their ethics.

  3. Chases Last Customer says

    After years of the same run around that Mr Nunn received, I finally was able to refi because their ‘standards’ changed.
    I think they finally figured out that people with good credit can eventually do better than 7% somewhere else.

    Anyway, as relates to this article, STAY AWAY from the 1% Cash Back program.

    First of all, I doubt they have the technical know how to do it correctly after the way they screwed up my closing.

    But, mainly the problem is that AFTER you close they might eventually tell you that you have to everything exactly perfectly or you will disqualify yourself from getting paid.

    Little things like making sure you keep a $1500 minimum daily balance in the checking account or they will charge you $12 per month for ‘benefit’ of having a Chase checking account.

    I wanted to know how they could justify $12 when the only transactions I would have every month was one deposit and one autopayment for the mortgage.

    Instead of answering, they suggested that I open an ‘investment’ account of at least $50000 so they could stop charging for the checking account.

    They couldn’t explain to me why I should give them another 50k when I am already doing 400k+interest of business with the mortgage for 30 years.

    Oh, one more thing, that $12 per month for the checking account pretty much erases any 1% benefit for the mortgage.

    So let’s summarize,

    1. the banks get free money from the government

    2. they get to NOT borrow out that money to most people

    3. when they do borrow it out, they get to charge rates that aren’t proportional to their fed rates and make up whatever fees they want when they actually do something useful

    4. if the customer makes a mistake they charge the customer for it

    5. if the bank makes a mistake, they charge the customer for it

    6. if they make a bad loan, the taxpayers pay for it

    It sounded like a good deal in the beginning, but I forgot that things which are to good to be true, are not.

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