Choice Bank $10 Checking Account Referral Bonus in Wisconsin

Choice Bank offers 3 different referral programs that provide a $10 bonus to the referrer, referee, or community group of your choice.

Updated 4/17/2014: This referral program has ended and is no longer available at this time. Choice Bank has taken down the referral page that was previously available.

Choice Bank has branches in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, serving the local community.

When current Choice Bank customers refer new customers who open any Choice Checking account, Choice Bank will provide a $10 bonus to the referrer, referee, or a community group, depending on in which program you choose to participate.

Check out the Choice Bank Referral Page to access the different referral forms.

These referral bonuses are valid when the referred customer opens a new Choice Checking account.

There is a limit of 1 referral bonus coupon per account, so you must select which referral bonus you would like to receive.

Choice Bank Referral Program Options

1. New customer gets a free box of checks, and the current customer gets a $10 bonus.

2. New customer gets a $10 bonus deposited directly into new account.

3. Choice Bank donates $10 to an Oshkosh area community group.

Please feel free to exchange Choice Bank referrals in the comments section below this article, and you could always choose to split the $10 bonus with your friends for $5 each.

Wisconsin residents may also be interested in this TCF Bank Referral Program to earn more bonus cash for banking referrals.

Participate in the Choice Bank referral program to earn an extra $10 bonus for you, your friends, or a local community group.

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