Guaranty Bank and BestBank Referral Program Offers $50 Bonus

Guaranty Bank and BestBank are offering current customers up to $50 in bonus cash via their referral program.

Guaranty Bank and BestBank have branches throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Georgia.

There are actually 2 separate referral offers available including the standard $10-per-member referral bonus that doesn’t require a direct deposit, and this special 50/50 Split Referral program bonus that does require a direct deposit.

Updated 4/21/2014: A reader has reported that there is currently a special BestBank new checking account bonus available at BestBank branches in Kroger stores, but I could not find any mention of the offer online. If you are interested in this promotion, contact your local BestBank that is located in a Kroger store to inquire about the offer.

50/50 Split Referral Program Bonus Offer

Current customers with Guaranty Bank or BestBank can earn a $50 bonus through this special referral offer that is only available for a limited time.

You must be a Guaranty Bank or BestBank customer in order to participate in the 50/50 Split Referral Program and refer your friends.

To be eligible for the 50/50 Split Referral program, the referrer must have Social Security, Payroll, or Retirement direct deposits totaling at least $400 in each of the 3 consecutive calendar months prior to the date each new customer account is opened.

The referee must be a new customer who presents a 50/50 Split Referral coupon and opens a new personal checking account by June 30, 2014.

The bank will pay the referrer:

1. $10 for the account opening.

2. $40 if that account has Social Security, Payroll, or Retirement direct deposits totaling at least $400 each calendar month for 3 consecutive months within 120 days of the account opening date.

The referrer will receive a total of $50 if both requirements are met.

Bonuses are credited to the referrer’s personal checking account within 30 days of fulfilling each requirement.

If the referrer does not have an open personal checking account at the time of the deposit, the referrer will not be eligible for the bonuses.

Bonuses totaling $600 or more will be reported on IRS Form 1099-MISC.

$10 Guaranty Bank and BestBank Referral Bonus

There is also the standard $10 Referral Bonus that is available from BestBank and Guaranty Bank.

This offer is valid for all new personal and business checking accounts.

For each new checking account customer that you refer, you’ll get $10 deposited into your account the next business day.

This $10 bonus is an ongoing offer, while the special $250 bonus is only available for a limited time.

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Refer your friends to Guaranty Bank and BestBank to earn special referral bonuses.

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