Nationwide Bank $200 E-Checking Account Bonus for New Customers

Nationwide Bank is offering a $200 bonus for new customers when you open an E-Checking Account and set up a direct deposit, valid through June 30, 2015.

The E-Checking Account from Nationwide Bank is available throughout the U.S.A., regardless of which state you live in.

Just use offer code 03110473 when you open a new E-Checking Account by June 30, 2015, with a $50 minimum deposit.

Then set up an automatic monthly direct deposit of at least $200 into your Nationwide Bank E-Checking Account within 60 days of opening the account.

Direct deposits must be ACH credits made by an employer or outside agency (such as pension or government benefit payments), as online transfers or other types of deposits are not considered direct deposits.

Your account must remain open for at least 90 days to receive the $200 bonus.

Check out this Nationwide Bank $200 Checking Bonus to open your account online today.

The $200 bonus will be deposited into your new account within 2 weeks following the 90-day minimum requirement.

This $200 bonus offer is limited to 1 per household and is not available to existing checking customers.

To avoid an $8 per month fee for the E-Checking Account, you will need to sign up for at least 1 direct deposit of $25 per month and use your debit card 8 times each month OR maintain a combined average daily balance among your Nationwide Bank deposit accounts of at least $10,000 (excludes CD balances).

A special thank you goes out to one of our readers for sending this deal along.


  1. says

    FYI – I’ve made inquiries with Nationwide Bank to see if they do a soft/hard pull and if you can fund a new account with a credit card, so I’ll update the article with that info soon. Thanks, Max

  2. AE says

    soft pull – possibly chexsystems as well. As per CS rep (said no hard pull only soft) and multiple reports via the slickdeals thread on this topic.

    I did not notice any funding option via CC when I applied. FWIW.

    Unknown as to if a ACH transfer will satisfy the fee reqs and bonus reqs – nationwide is a new bank – no history. I’d do the real thing at least until you get the bonus…YMMV

  3. Julia says

    Max, I think you made a type of the fee waiver requirement. Instead of $10,000, it is $1,000 that you need to maintain to avoid $8 monthly service fee. Quoting from website: “2To avoid an $8 per month fee, you will need to sign up for at least one direct deposit of $25 per month AND make at least 8 debit card transations per statement period OR maintain a combined average daily balance among your Nationwide Bank deposit accounts of at least $1,000 (excludes CD account balances).”

    I will be opening an acct there today and will let you all know if an ACH qualifies as a dir dep. I imagine it does, because even when banks says it has to be a pension, salary or social security, I still see they give out bonuses if you do an ACH deposit (based on my experience opening accts at numerous banks, thanks to maximizing money website!).

    • says

      Hello Julia,

      In the fine print #2 on the promotional page that I link to in the above article, it says:

      “To avoid an $8 per month fee, you will need to sign up for at least one direct deposit of $25 per month AND make at least 8 debit card transactions per statement period OR maintain a combined average daily balance among your Nationwide Bank deposit accounts of at least $10,000 (excludes CD account balances).”

      Also, on this other page for bank terms from their website (, it indicates the following under Nationwide E-Checking:

      “Minimum balance to avoid imposition of fees – A monthly service fee of $8.00 will be imposed every statement cycle if the average daily balance in the account falls below $10,000.00 combined in checking, savings, or money market any day of the cycle.”

      And it also says this in the “Fees” section on that same page in the same section:

      “A monthly service fee of $8.00* will be imposed every statement cycle. This fee will not apply if you have BOTH a direct deposit greater than $25.00 each statement period and at least 8 debit card point-of-sale (POS) transactions per statement period.”

      Also, on this page (, under FAQs, it says:

      “How do I avoid the monthly service fee?

      There are two ways to avoid the monthly service fee:

      Sign up for at least 1 direct deposit each month and use your debit card 8 times each month or

      Keep a combined total of $10,000 or more in your Nationwide Bank deposit accounts, which includes checking, savings or money market accounts”

      Could you provide the link to the specific page where you are seeing the $1,000 instead of $10,000?

      I don’t know why it would be different for you, but I suppose they could be showing different pages based on your location or something.

      Thank you for commenting, and I hope it is $1,000 and not $10,000, but all of the information I see on their website says $10,000, at least for me.

      Thanks again, Max

  4. john mccann says

    The Nationwide Bank seems like a no brainer. Soft pull. At least a $25 DD($200 for at least 90 days). And 8 USES of the debit card of at least 1 cent(Amazon 1 cent gift card x 8 as an example) to avoid any fees. The best part is you can do transfers to your hometown brick and mortar bank and NOT BE CHARGED A FEE. So,you can still use your local banks ATM for your needed cash.

  5. AE says

    one Data point – applied/accepted in August (completed both debit 8 transactions per month and a DD of $200+ each month… full $200 bonus credited in November.

  6. Donielle says

    Total scam. They’ve had me sending documentation of address/income/everything and still haven’t approved my account despite the fact that I have documented income and excellent credit. Terrible customer service as well.

  7. Julia says

    I did not get my bonus of $200 with them. :( Instead of doing a direct deposit from my employement, I set up an ACH for $200 from my Chase account. They flagged that as an electronic deposit and not a direct deposit. Pretty smart bank. Most of the banks accept an ACH as a direct deposit. Not this one. So I asked them to close down my account. Oh well… Just wanted to let everyone know in case they think they can get away with an ACH and get $200 bonus from this bank.

  8. william says

    i applied for an e checking acct. i was denied. i inquired as to why. the bank said they couldnt verify
    my info. i think that was a bogus excuse. i was just going to drop the whole thing. but i thought
    they had no reason to disapprove my application. i think i know why they did i have 10 plus credit cards with zero balance. i have no mortgage. i have 6 checking acct. i bet they see no way to sell me something and looked for anyway not to pay the $200 bonus. the bank rep offered to take my info on the phone,and did. then he says i can log in and change my password and finish the application. i specifically asked him
    how to apply the bonus code. he says i would see a prompt when i go online into the acct he set up. guess what no prompt. i called the bank back and another rep says that he would apply the code. i asked for some kind of verification, he said i could be”assured” he took care of it. i guess ill have to wait and see if i get it. be advised nationwide bank looking for any loop hole not ti pay the bonus

  9. MattNYC says

    I opened an account on 10/31/14 and just want to answer/confirm some information:

    1. ACH Transfers do NOT count–must be a true DD.

    2. I also was initially rejected after applying directly on-line. According to the CS person, part of the problem has to do with some new law (can’t remember if he said a PATRIOT ACT provision or newer Treasury regs regarding money-laundering). Apparently, the Web-based application either does not do everything properly or else it’s just not accepted without a human interaction.

    Anyway, everything so far seems to be going well. I will try to remember to update here when I get my bonus.

  10. dick drew says

    I see Julia got spanked along with others with ACH being detected, this bank blows, right from the beginning with application process they were a problem, I’m told the ACH code is different from a DD, that’s the key

  11. william says

    i am happy to report i received my $200 bonus. it came on the 91st day from opening my acct.
    i had reported earlier there were some impediments in opening this acct.
    i think the bank was trying to find any loop hole to avoid paying the bonus.
    so i would suggest anyone using this bank or any other thats offfering a bonus
    sign up, follow directions to the letter.

  12. Jimmy says

    Whoever said Nationwide is on your side?

    I opened account last November, and a few weeks later, received a phone call from them to verify a transfer of $302,000 into my new account. Say what? Turned out it was a “banking error”. Nationwide Bank then proceeded to block my account (totally bad move on their part), which kicked out my employer’s direct deposit, which then automatically deleted Nationwide Bank from my DD list. And after many phone calls, I learned that since Nationwide Bank had not received a direct deposit within the required time frame, I was not eligible for the cash promotion. After banging my head against the wall, I made some more calls, and finally reached a helpful person at Nationwide Bank, they re-instated my account and I had my HR department reinstate the direct deposit. Still waiting for the cash promo. After all that work, and stupidity on their part, i should get two times bonus!

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