Putnam County State Bank $50 Christmas Club Account Bonus in Missouri

Putnam County State Bank offers a Christmas Club Account that provides you with up to a $50 bonus each year.

Putnam County State Bank has branches in Unionville and Milan, Missouri.

The Christmas Club Account is a savings account to help you prepare for Christmas and your end of the year expenses.

You decide how much to deposit into your Christmas Club account each week for 49 weeks, and they will make your 50th deposit for you.

You can choose between $1 and $50 for your weekly payments.

They will send you a check for your total balance just in time for Christmas.

So if you decide to deposit $50 for 49 weeks, they’ll send you a check for $2,500, which includes the final payment free for a $50 bonus.

There are no service charges or penalties on this account, but failure to make a payment or an early withdrawal cancels your final payment, which is made by the bank.

Check out this Putnam County State Bank Christmas Club Account for more details.

Of course, it’s a little late to get started for this Christmas.

However, you can inquire about this account at your local Putnam County State Bank branch to get started for next year.

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Start a Christmas Club Account with Putnam County State Bank to get up to a $50 bonus at the end of each year.

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