Salal Credit Union $25 Referral Rewards in Washington

The Salal Credit Union in Washington state is offering $25 referral rewards.

The Salal Credit Union is available to anyone who lives, works, or worships in the state of Washington.

Salal Credit Union $25 Referral Bonuses

You can get $25 Referral Bonuses from Salal Credit Union through December 31, 2012.

Just refer a new Salal member with a checking account and direct deposit for both of you to earn a $25 cash bonus.

You must enter your data on the Salal Credit Union referral form and provide it to your friend.

Your friend must then complete the form and bring it to a Salal CU branch to open a checking account.

Your referral must open a qualifying checking account with a direct deposit in the first 90 days for both of you to earn a $25 bonus.

The referrer must be a current Salal CU member in good standing.

The referee must be a new member to Salal CU and meet the requirements for membership and for a new checking account, including living, working, or worshipping in Washington.

A minimum deposit of $25 is required to open a new checking account.

The $25 bonus will be credited to the referrer’s and referee’s share accounts within 2 weeks after the qualifying account has been opened for 90 days and a direct deposit has occurred.

If prior to the payment of the Refer a Friend bonus, the referrer and/or the referee closes the member share account or the account is not in good standing with Salal CU, no bonus payment will be paid.

Salal CU employees and members of the Salal Board of Directors are not eligible for the referral program.

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Please feel free to exchange Salal Credit Union referrals in the comments section below this article.


  1. Sandee Wright says

    Chase offers didn’t work for me – started out fine and then they posted “offer not available in your zip code”. Of all the nerve.

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