St. Jean’s Credit Union $25 Membership Match and $10 Referrals in Massachusetts

St. Jean’s Credit Union offers a $25 Membership Match and $10 referral bonuses when you open a Wired Checking account.

Membership in St. Jean’s Credit Union is open to anyone who lives or works in Essex, Middlesex, or Suffolk Counties, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and employees and family members of H.P. Hood LLC.

Just open a Wired Checking account to get your St. Jean’s $25 Membership Match deposited in your primary savings account after the second direct deposit cycle.

Wired Checking includes a Wired Checking Account, Direct Deposit, Debit Card, stjeans@home, Bill Payment and Presentment, Online Statements, and Text Message and Mobile Banking (the products may not be separated).

You must maintain an active status with each of the included services in order to receive the full account benefits.

St. Jean’s Credit Union will provide a $25 Membership Match to be deposited in the designated primary savings account after the second direct deposit cycle.

If your account is closed prior to 6 months from the opening date, you will incur a $25 penalty.

After the second direct deposit cycle, you will also be eligible to participate in St. Jean’s Refer A Friend Program and receive $10 for each friend that is referred for up to a $50 maximum.

You’ll be emailed a referral coupon that you can distribute to your friends, which will give you credit for referring them.

All they have to do is fill in your name and bring the coupon with them when they open their Wired Checking Account.

You’ll receive $10 for getting them wired and once they reach the eligibility period, they too can earn cash for getting their friends wired.

The referred individual must open a Wired Checking account and complete all necessary referral paperwork in order for the existing Wired Checking holder to receive the $10 deposit.

Employees are not eligible for the referral bonus feature.

It’s important to note that there is a $5 monthly maintenance fee if you have a single-account relationship with St. Jean’s Credit Union and you have a balance below $25, but as long as you have both a Wired Checking account and your primary savings account, you should be able to avoid this fee.

You can also earn a $50 St. Jean’s Vehicle Loan Bonus for a $50 gas card when you refer your friends to finance or refinance an auto loan.

Please feel free to exchange referrals for St. Jean’s Credit Union in the comments below this article.

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