State Credit Union Youth Savings Account $20 Bonus in South Carolina

State Credit Union in South Carolina is offering a $20 bonus when you open a Youth Savings Account for members under 17 years old and establish automatic recurring transfers of at least $5 per month.

State Credit Union has 18 branches across South Carolina. Membership in State Credit Union is established by opening a regular savings account with a deposit of at least $5. There is no membership fee.

Just open a Youth Savings Account and establish an automatic recurring transfer of at least $5 per month, and SCU will deposit a $20 bonus at the end of the first year.

You must open your account in person and ask for the Youth Savings Reward to activate this bonus.

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If you want to get your kid started on saving and you qualify for SCU membership in South Carolina, this is a great way to get them a $20 bonus.

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Open a State Credit Union Youth Savings Account for your kid today to get a $20 bonus with automatic recurring transfers.

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