TransWest Credit Union $25/$50 Referral Program Bonuses in Utah

TransWest Credit Union has a referral program that offers both new and current members either $25 or $50 in bonus cash, depending on which accounts the new member opens.

To join TransWest, you must be a resident of Salt Lake County in Utah; an employee of the Union Pacific Railroad, Kennecott Copper Corporation, or US Magnesium Corporation; an immediate family member of a current member; or an employee of the credit union.

You must open a regular share savings account with a minimum of $25 to become a member, and a $50 deposit gets you voting rights.

TransWest Referral Bonuses

When a current member refers a new member to TransWest, you’ll both earn either a $25 or $50 bonus.

There are 3 referral options:

1. If the new member opens a savings or checking account with more than $75 and gets a Visa card, you each get $25.

2. If the new member gets an auto loan, the current member get $50, and the new member gets 1% back on their loan for up to $300.

3. If the new member opens a savings or checking account, gets a Visa card, and gets an auto loan, the current member gets $50, and the new member gets 1% of their loan for up to $300, plus an additional $25.

You can access the TransWest Online Referral Form to send your friends a referral email if you are a current member.

Plus, you can feel free to post your contact information in the comments below this article in order to exchange referrals with potential new members.

Current members can select to have your referral rewards deposited directly into your checking or savings account at TransWest.

TransWest Accounts and Fees

TransWest has a variety of checking and savings accounts from which to choose including a free checking account and free savings account.

The Free Checking account has no fees and no minimum balance requirement, just as long as you keep a positive balance in your account.

Each member of TransWest must own at least 1 $25 share of the credit union, which allows you to use all of its services, so you’ll have to open a regular share savings account when you start your membership.

In addition, TransWest pays a dividend each quarter for the use of their members’ money.

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