UFB Direct Airline Rewards Banking Accounts for Bonus American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

UFB Direct offers airline rewards banking accounts that allow you to earn American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles.

You’ll earn bonus AAdvantage miles when you open a UFB Direct checking account or savings account and complete qualifying actions.

UFB Direct may add more participating airlines in the future, but at this time, you can only earn miles through your account with the American Airlines AAdvantage rewards program.

UFB Direct Airline Rewards Checking Bonus

Open a UFB Direct Checking Account to earn 1,000 bonus miles.

You’ll receive 1,000 bonus miles after having a direct deposit totaling $1,000 or more in 1 calendar month.

You’ll also earn 1 mile for every $2 Point of Sale (POS) debit transaction posted to your account.

UFB Direct Airline Rewards Savings Bonus

Open a UFB Direct Savings Account to earn up to 1,000 bonus miles.

You’ll earn 500 airline miles 90 days after you open your Airline Rewards Savings Account.

You’ll receive an additional 500 miles after the account has been open for 1 year.

For both UFB Direct accounts, there are no minimum balance requirements and no monthly maintenance fees, and the minimum deposit to open each account is $100.

Take advantage of airline rewards banking accounts with UFB Direct to earn bonus American Airlines AAdvantage miles.

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Open your UFB Direct airline rewards online banking accounts today.

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