Bank of America Keep the Change Savings Program $250 Bonus Offer

The Bank of America Keep the Change Savings Program offers up to $250 in bonus cash per year with 100% in matching funds during the first 3 months after you enroll for current Bank of America customers.

Keep the Change is a free program provided by Bank of America for customers that have a Bank of America checking account, check card, and savings account.

Each time you make a purchase with your Bank of America Check Card, Bank of America will round your purchase up to the nearest dollar amount and transfer the difference from your checking account to your savings account.

The money comes directly out of your checking account with no charge to you for this service.

Plus, for the first 3 months, Bank of America will match your Keep the Change savings transfers at 100%.

After the first 3 months, Bank of America will continue to match your Keep the Change transfers at 5% for every year thereafter.

The maximum total matching funds is $250 per year in free bonus cash.

Check out the Bank of America Keep the Change Savings Program for more details and to enroll online in Keep the Change.

If you do not have the qualifying Bank of America accounts to enroll in Keep the Change, you can open your accounts online to start participating in the Bank of America Keep the Change program.

The Bank of America Keep the Change program bonus matching funds will be paid annually to your savings account within 8 weeks after the month in which the anniversary of your enrollment in Keep the Change occurs.

To receive the matching funds, your checking and savings accounts must be open and in good standing, and you must still be enrolled in the Keep the Change service.

Only Bank of America Check Cards are eligible for the promotional matching funds on Keep the Change round-up savings. Rewards cards, ATM cards, or co-branded cards do not qualify for matching funds. Keep the Change is available only on a Check Card linked to your Bank of America checking account.

Only personal accounts are eligible for Keep the Change. Money Manager and Small Business accounts are not eligible.

Eligible savings accounts include Regular Savings (or Market Rate Savings in WA and ID), which requires a minimum opening balance of $25 ($1 in WA and ID). Money Market Savings accounts are also eligible.

If you have multiple checking accounts, Bank of America will use the account associated with your check card.

If you have multiple check cards associated with your checking account, each check card will be automatically activated for Keep the Change.

Bank of America will only match Keep the Change transfers on up to 5 checking accounts per depositor (including joint depositors) or up to 5 checking accounts per household, whichever is less.

Keep the Change applies to any Check Card purchase made by you or a joint owner of your Checking Account.

Bank of America aggregates the round-up from purchases that post to your checking account each business day and makes a single transfer (the “Keep the Change” transfer) at the end of the business day.

If on a business day you do not have sufficient available funds in your checking account, or if any transaction has overdrawn your Checking Account, Bank of America does not round up purchases posted on that business day and will cancel the Keep the Change transfer for that day.

If one of your Check Card purchases is subsequently canceled or reversed, the corresponding Keep the Change transfer will remain in the savings account.

Additional matching funds may be available through special arrangements with certain merchants and organizations, but you’ll have to ask a Bank of America associate for details.

You will not receive the Keep the Change matching funds for: a.) purchases of cash-like items, such as traveler’s checks, foreign currency, cashier’s checks, gaming chips, and other similar instruments and things of value; and b.) account funding transactions including transfers to open or fund deposit, escrow, or brokerage accounts and purchases of stored value cards.

Take advantage of the Bank of America Keep the Change Savings Program if you are a current Bank of America customer, or open new Bank of America accounts and enroll in Keep the Change today.

If you don’t have a Bank of America checking account already, review the myAccess Checking Bonus and the Bank of America Referral Bonuses to get a cash bonus when you open a new Bank of America account.

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Enroll in Keep the Change today to get up to $250 in banking bonuses per year from Bank of America.

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