Logix Federal Credit Union $150 Checking Bonus Promotion with Open Membership

Logix Federal Credit Union is offering a $150 checking account bonus with open membership available when you join the American Consumer Council for free.

Logix was formerly known as the Lockheed Federal Credit Union.

Anyone can qualify for Logix membership by joining the American Consumer Council for free.

You’ll receive $50 when you open a checking account with a $250 initial deposit, $50 when you sign up for a monthly direct deposit of $250 or more, and $50 when you make 3 or more electronic payments of $50 or more.

The direct deposit and bill pay activity must occur within the first 60 days after your checking account opening date to earn the bonus.

Take advantage of this Logix $150 Checking Bonus to apply online today and enter promo code “50″ when prompted.

The bonus will be deposited to your checking account within 30 days of completing the required activity.

There is a limit of 1 bonus per household.

Current Logix checking accounts are excluded from this offer.

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Sign up for the Logix Federal Credit Union to receive a $150 new checking account bonus.


  1. carol says

    But before that, they told me all about the bonus. It was after she helped me with the online application and then asked her managers, that they said it had to be opened at local Logix branches not the shared credit unions branches nor online using the “50″ code. Also, their website is not user friendly. When one tries to read the documents, it knocks you totally off their system. One has to keep resigning back in. Also, the first woman I spoke with was not the most personable I have encountered.(on a call before Alba). Now they are saying they are going to draft my non-Logix account and I have to sign something to get my money back. I thought these people were Lockheed CU before they became Logix. How strange.

  2. carol says

    I made it clear that I don’t want to join and they are sending emails saying that they set up an account. When I called them and told them that I don’t want an account with them, then they want more information than the information they sent me in the emails.
    I told them that I want them to leave me alone and I don’t have an account with them and this latest person said something to the affect that how would I like it for someone to talk to them with that. This is the strangest situation with a financial institution.

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