Navigator Credit Union up to $300 Bonus Per Year with Save’N Up Debit Card Matching Program

The Navigator Credit Union Save’N Up program offers up to $300 in bonuses per year when you use your Navigator Debit Card to make purchases.

Navigator Membership is open to residents of Mobile or Baldwin County in Alabama; residents of Gulfport, Mississippi; Jackson County, Mississippi, Federal Government employees; small businesses in Jackson or Harrison County, Mississippi; and HII Employees.

Save’N Up will automatically round up every debit card purchase that you make to the next dollar.

The difference between your purchase total and the nearest whole dollar amount will be transferred from your Checking Account to your high-interest Save’N Up account.

Navigator will match up to $300 each year.

You’ll receive a 100% match during your first 30 days in the Save’N Up program for all purchases made by e-Statement users, and a 10% match will be paid after the first 30 days.

Check out the Navigator Save’N Up Program for more details.

Review our full Bank Bonus List for additional promotions.

Join the Navigator Credit Union if you qualify for membership to earn this $300 Save’N Up program bonus each year.

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