Ohio Educational Credit Union $75 New Member Bonus and $25 Referral Rewards

The Ohio Educational Credit Union (OHecu) offers up to a $75 bonus for new members and a $25 bonus for current members through their referral program.

Membership in OHecu is open to students, alumni, employees, and retirees of public and private educational systems within Ohio as well as individuals providing educational services, families of existing members, organizations involved in educational programs, and employees of qualified businesses.

OHecu has branches in Cleveland, Lyndhurst, Lakewood, Oberlin, and Zanesville, Ohio.

Ohio Educational Credit Union OHecu

Existing OHecu Members can get a $25 bonus for each referral who opens a new membership (Share Account) with a Checking account after both the Share and Checking accounts have been open for a minimum of 60 days.

New OHecu Members can get a $25 bonus when you join and open Share and Checking accounts after both accounts have been open for a minimum of 60 days, OR get $75 by establishing a direct deposit of at least $400 per month within 60 days of opening your new membership.

If a direct deposit is unavailable through your employer or retirement service, you can still qualify to receive $75 by opening a Term Share Certificate (regular or IRA), OHecu Visa Card, or loan product within 60 days of opening your new membership.

How To Refer New OHecu Members

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Get your OHecu Referral Program Forms to participate today, and please feel free to exchange contact information for referrals in the comments below this article.

In order to refer someone, current members must print and complete the referral form with your name and address and give it to your family members and friends.

New members must bring in a completed referral form and 2 forms of ID to any OHecu office to open your membership.

OHecu Referral Program Details

There is no limit to the number of people that a current member can refer.

All OHecu Employees, Committees, Directors, and their family members are not eligible for this promotion.

The amount of the rewards issued to new members will be included in the members’ 1099 INT for the calendar year in which it was paid.

Any referring member who receives $600 or more in rewards in any calendar year will be issued a 1099 Miscellaneous Statement for tax purposes.

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Exchange referrals for The Ohio Educational Credit Union to earn some extra bonus cash.

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