Rockland Trust up to $300 Per Year with Free Eco Checking Account Bonus in MA, RI, CT, NH, ME and VT

Rockland Trust in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island is offering up to $300 Per Year with the Free Eco Checking Account.

Rockland Trust has branches in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, but you may open an account online if you live in 1 of the 6 New England states including MA, RI, CT, NH, ME, and VT.

You can earn up to $300 a year in cash rewards on qualifying debit card purchases with the Free Eco Checking account.

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To be eligible to open a Free Eco Checking account, you must agree to receive electronic statements and accept a Rockland Trust Free Eco Debit Card on the account.

Free Eco Checking up to $300 Per Year in Cash Rewards

When you open and use your Free Eco Checking account, they will pay you 10 cents for each eligible purchase that you make using your Rockland Trust Debit Card, for up to $25 per statement cycle and $300 per year.

You will receive the Free Eco Checking debit rewards in your Free Eco Checking account each statement cycle in which you make eligible purchases.

You would have to make 250 purchases per month to earn the full $300 in cash rewards each year, so this isn’t exactly an easy promotion to max out the full $300 in bonus rewards, but at least you’ll earn an extra 10 cents per debit card purchase, which is more than most banks offer their debit card holders.

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Take advantage of this Rockland Trust checking account bonus for a limited time.

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