Sovereign Bank $50 Student Banking Package Bonus Offer

Sovereign Bank is offering a $50 student banking package bonus when you open a student checking and student savings account with Sovereign Bank, valid through September 10, 2010.

Students who open a Student Banking Package that includes Student Checking and Free Student Savings can qualify for this $50 Sovereign Bank bonus offer.

Just add Free Online Banking, a Sovereign Debit Card, and supply Sovereign Bank with a valid email address to get a $25 cash bonus.

Students who also use their Debit Card to make 5 purchases within 60 days of account opening will get an additional $25 for a total of $50 in banking bonuses from Sovereign Bank.

Check out this $50 Sovereign Bank Student Bonus Offer to open your student banking package for a $50 bonus today.

Plus, just for opening a Student Banking package, you’ll be automatically entered for your chance to win a $2,000 Grand Prize or 20 $500 runner-up prizes.

Sovereign Bank Student Bonus Details

The Sovereign Student Banking package is available for full-time and part-time students between the ages of 17 and 25 who are attending a college, university, or other undergraduate level school.

Proof of enrollment is required.

In order to qualify for a cash bonus, you need to:

1. Open a new Sovereign Student Banking package, which comprises a Sovereign Free Student Checking account and a Sovereign Free Student Savings account, or have a pre-existing savings account, by September 10, 2010, each with a minimum opening deposit of $10.

2. Enroll in Online Banking at your account opening.

3. Request a Sovereign Debit Card.

4. Provide Sovereign Bank with a valid email address.

When you qualify, you will receive a credit of $25 to your new checking account within 45 days after you open your checking account.

If you meet the conditions for the $25 bonus and also make 5 purchases with your Sovereign Debit Card within 60 days of account opening, you will receive an additional bonus of $25, which will be credited to your new checking account within 75 days after you open your checking account.

The maximum bonus is $50 per customer.

The total amount of the bonus credited to your account will be reported to the IRS as interest on your Form 1099-INT for the year in which the bonus is paid.

Current personal checking customers or anyone who has had a personal checking account with Sovereign Bank or any of its divisions in the last 6 months are not eligible for this offer.

This offer cannot be combined with other personal checking offers.

This offer is available only to residents in the following states: ME, VT, NH, CT, RI, MA, NY, NJ, PA, WV, MD, DE, and District of Columbia.

Sovereign team members are not eligible for this offer.

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Take advantage of this Sovereign Bank student bonus offer to earn up to $50 in cash bonuses from Sovereign Bank.

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