Vibe Credit Union $50 New Member and $20 Referral Bonuses in Michigan

Vibe Credit Union offers a $50 new member bonus and a $20 current member bonus through their referral program.

Membership in Vibe Credit Union is open to anyone in the state of Michigan when you make a $2 donation to the Salvation Army Bed and Bread Program as well as to people who live, work, worship, or attend school in select counties.

Current Vibe members will receive $20 every time that you refer someone who opens any Vibe account.

Plus, new Vibe members who sign up via a referral will get up to $50 when you open a Vibe Sound or FU$E Checking account.

Vibe Credit Union Referral Program Details

Just visit the Vibe Referral Program to access the online form that allows current members to send out referral emails online.

Current members will get $20 deposited into your account for each new member (age 13 and over) that joins Vibe Credit Union.

New members (age 16 and over) will receive $25 deposited into your account when you successfully open a Vibe Sound or FU$E Checking account, plus you’ll get an additional $25 when you set up a direct deposit from your payroll into your new checking account.

All new accounts are subject to ChexSystems and/or a standard credit check.

You will receive an IRS tax form 1099-INT for your cash incentive.

Exchange Vibe Credit Union Referrals

If you are a current Vibe member, please feel free to provide your contact information in the comments section below this article, so that potential new Vibe members can contact you to request that you send them a referral email.

Both members benefit from the Vibe CU referral program, so it’s worth exchanging referrals with other members.

More Vibe Credit Union Promotions

$200 Credit Card Rebate – Get 2% cash back for up to a $200 rebate when you transfer your credit card balances from other credit cards to a new or existing Vibe Visa Credit Card with no balance transfer fee.

$300 Loan Rebate – Finance or refinance your vehicle with Vibe to get up to a $300 rebate.

Michigan residents may also be interested in the Preferred Credit Union Referral Bonus to earn some extra credit union rewards.

Participate in the Vibe Credit Union referral bonus program with membership available to anyone in the state of Michigan.

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